E-Cigarette Problem Solving

The Lithium batteries that are supplied with your vapour cigarette will already be charged to around 90% so there should be no need to charge them, you can use them straight away, giving them a charge when you get the e-cig or using it straight away will make no difference to the life of your battery.

The e- Cigarette Atomiser

Remember on some models you will get a dummy tip so put the correct one which should be in your pack, on the cigarette before you start to use it,

If your Atomiser gets hot but produces no vapour it may be that the atomizer  is dry try adding a few drops of e-liquid into the centre of the atomizer. If the atomiser is full, then the reason may be there is too much liquid in it and it cannot heat up to the correct temperature. Place the open end of the atomizer on a paper towel and blow through the battery connector end, this should blow the excess liquid out of the atomiser.

Another reason the liquid may not heat up is low battery charge, so make sure you have charged the battery

The atomiser is cold, this could be that it is burnt out, atomisers will burn out after a while and will need replacing.

The battery won’t hold a charge, batteries do not have an indefinite life span and so will not last for ever and it probably need replacing  the usual lifespan is around 300 charges.

To activate most batteries the on button needs to be pressed 5 times, press the button down whilst you are taking a puff of the cigarette, to turn the e-cigarette off press the button down 5 times.

If the battery activates on its own – and this is common with automatic batteries. The solution is to take the ash end and literally give it a good hard couple of taps on a hard surface. You can also put your mouth over the battery connector and put as much air pressure as possible on it. This forces the switch mechanism back into its proper position. The battery can also occasionally get a small amount of liquid inside it which causes it to malfunction just allow it to sit for a day or two.

If the battery charger LED is flickering red and green rapidly - this just means the battery is near being fully charged.

How many times can I refill my cartridges? Cartridge life depends a lot on how dry you let them become during use. A dry atomizer burns hot and can break down the fibre in the cartridge fairly quick. Keep your cartridges topped off often. If you begin to notice the fibre breaking down or becoming discoloured then it is time put a new one in.

I keep getting liquid in my mouth! This is caused by two things. Overfilling and drawing too hard. Remove the cartridge and wipe the excess liquid off of it. Blow your atomizer through as described