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1100 Mah Battery

E-cig 1100 mah battery. Will Fit All Ego e-cigarettes the 1100mah is the ultimate endurance battery. Gives you up to 1300 puffs on a full charge making this the best battery for an all day vaper. These are a safety battery that can be turned off. to turn on press 5 times rapidly, you can then use it as normal then when transporting the e-cigarette or after use press 5 times rapidly to turn it off

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The rechargable eGo-T batteries come with a switch-off mechanism in order for you to carry it in your pocket or bag, without risk of it being accidentally activated. 5-click switch off/on mechanism: Click the button rapidly 5-times to set the battery to ON mode, or OFF mode. The eGo-T batteries work with all eGo/510 atomisers and cartomisers

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